Shared Wings…


Pilot badgeDSC_3181

This latest addition to the collection of THE SPECIAL is this metal US Airforce Wings pin as worn by Roy Scheider as Frank Murphy. ¬†Although many variations of this pin exist (having been in circulation since WWII) this one (officially branded as the USAF Pilot’s badge) does seem to be a 100% match to the type used in the production (see pics below)

Murphy's_LawMurphy's_Law1As was the case with many of the movie’s props and costumes, this pin was also migrated to to the TV Series where it would adorn James Farentino’s flightsuit as Frank Chaney (shown below on location with the backup helicopter). With nothing going to waste from the movie’s wardrobe dept. Scheider’s Astro Division uniform (above) was also redressed with Blue Thunder patches for use by Dana Carvey’s JAFO…


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