A Full Loop…

THE SPECIAL presents an exclusive bulletin from the halls of the San Hose Convention Centre where the above images of a familiar r/c model were captured by keen-eyed exhibitor Jason Beckwith (of Never Static Pictures.com). 

Indeed, those who attended the Silicone Valley Comic-Con this past weekend were treated to a unique pop-up museum of vintage prop vehicles, featuring everything from a 1:1 scale Spinner car from Blade Runner to a filming miniature of the 1989 Batmobile.

Appearing at a glance to be a clutter of dusty broken kit parts dumped in a glass case, the stunt helicopter fuselage from Blue Thunder appeared from nowhere in, incredibly, exactly the same state as it was discovered in storage in 2004.  Identified as ‘The only R/C Helicopter to successfully perform a 360 loop onscreen’ the prop still endures (even if the pilot figure is MIA) and can obviously attest to being in original condition –

But what of this?  is it an unspoiled piece of movie history or a model in desperate need of cleaning and restoration?  Spare canopy parts permitting there appears to be 90% of a complete representation of the helicopter as seen on screen and could be repaired with minimal intervention.  THE SPECIAL is currently in the process of trying to track down the current owner for comment but if anybody has any leads or more images from the exhibition please feel free to get in touch by email (airbuster02@gmail.com) and let’s see what else can be revealed about this iconic prop…

2 thoughts on “A Full Loop…

  1. John Simone Jr…was the original pilot of the rc helicopter for the show. I will see if I can reach out to him

  2. Hi JC –

    Thanks so much for your comment – If JS Jr. can be contacted I would absolutely love to interview him for the site – I appreciate anything you can do to help that happen..!

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