Kit. No. 100…

DSC_3130DSC_3131DSC_3133DSC_3137BT_Kit1BT_Kit2‘THE SPECIAL’ is pleased to add this latest vintage rarity to the collection – surely the smallest model kit of the helicopter ever produced to date.

Measuring in at a mere 9cm long, this vending-machine style toy is no bigger than a deck of cards.  Made in Korea and packaged in a fantastic colour box featuring a still from the movie and simple set of instructions on the back this package is complete and in mint condition for its age.

The kit itself possesses an extraordinary amount of detail and accuracy for the scale with very clean sharp lines.  Should anybody know who the manufacturer is or have any further info on this kit feel free to add a comment below.

Meantime, ignore all this current Movie remake nonsense and head over to the ‘TV CONVERSIONS’ tab on the left for all-new content about the further appearances of the one and ONLY original Airbuster…

3 thoughts on “Kit. No. 100…

  1. It’s very nice to see this 80’s old product of my country, South Korea. Well, actually Kit No. 100 doesn’t mean any number of a product or a model. In the 80’s it was just the indication of price. So No.100 means one hundred Korean won which was equivalent to about 15 US cents. We had many kinds of such small pack assembly kits including Airwolf, the counterpart of Blue Thunder for children’s joy at that time but it’s hard to see them these days. Thank you for evoking old good memories.

  2. Hi Jaemooon –

    Welcome to the site and thank you so much for your wonderful comments – its great to learn more facts about this piece from its country of origin!
    Its my understanding there was at least one more BT kit emerging from Korea in other scales so I’m currently on the lookout for those to complete the collection – I would value your comments on those also….

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