Thunder Down Under…

AUS_Thunder1AUS_Thunder6AUS_Thunder5AUS_Thunder4AUS_Thunder3AUS_Thunder2In what must be the most unique ‘abandoned project’ opportunity of a lifetime, an unknown Australian seller is offering this partially converted Gazelle Helicopter should anybody want to complete its transformation into Blue Thunder.

Fabricated from wood and metal with a motor to turn the blades, this static display houses a kerosene heater to simulate engine heat/vapour from exhaust and even a speaker system to simulate the unique Gazelle shriek.

The exterior metalwork and wooden/fiberglass modifications are of considerable standard (even if the interior falls short in the accuracy stakes) and clearly the chopper was well on its way to being finished before the builder, (obviously a huge BT fan – he even has Frank Murphy’s ’79 Trans Am garaged up! second & third pic down) for whatever reason, withdrew.

Despite its appearance on auction sites the project apparently and inexplicably remains unsold.  Should anybody be interested in starting a similar project in future however, I have it on good authority the tooling for the original ‘copter still exists in storage and all that  would be needed to recreate an accurate full-scale replica of The Special would be a donor Gazelle and a suitably stratospheric budget.  Theoretically speaking, Blue Thunder could fly again.

How do we know all this?  Watch for future posts..!!

4 thoughts on “Thunder Down Under…

  1. Hi, does someone have the sellers contact details or a link to a current auction site with the listing to see if its still available?

    Thank you

  2. Hi, does anyone have the sellers contact details at all so I can track them down?

    Thank you

  3. Hi Christopher –
    Thanks for commenting 🙂
    I wish I had more info for you but the only time I saw this available was on Gumtree and that was a couple of years back now. I have no idea if it was sold or not…

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