DSC_3272DSC_3245DSC_3246DSC_3247DSC_3251DSC_3252DSC_3253DSC_3257THE SPECIAL is proud to present the end result of a diligent decades-long search Рthe super-rare diecast Blue Thunder helicopter from UK company Toyway.

Approx 6″ long and released as part of the ‘Sky Birds’ collector series, this unlicensed replica (mounted anonymously on a backing card with Apache artwork) is one of two versions made (the other an unlikely US Coastguard red).

Apart from the unwelcome fourth rotor blade and stubby cannon (presumably to meet safety standards) this tooling is reasonably accurate for the scale, with plenty of detail captured in the plastic parts (canopy/tail) and even featuring the correct decals.

This mint example found mounted on card with only partially opened blister (top pic) was snapped up by THE SPECIAL only moments after it became available and is now a vital part of the ongoing collection…

4 thoughts on “Skybird…

  1. I had both versions! The Coast Guard version still had the ’02’ and tail numbering which was odd. The detail is fantastic though, especially the ammo belts on the belly…obviously there was a big fan of Blue Thunder behind this model, though interestingly when I emailed Toyway not long before they became defunct with a view to making a bulk order of ‘Sky Birds’ (which you could still do at that time) I mentioned wanting these two copters in particular and in their reply they confirmed the red and blue versions in stock but they stressed that they “[did] not sell any Blue Thunder product”. Anyway, congratulations on finding one, I’m surprised it has taken you 15 years as they were more common when I got mine and that wasn’t quite so long ago.

  2. Hi Robert –

    Thanks so much for your comments!
    I had the opportunity to get the Coastguard version years ago at the helicopter show in Weston Super-Mare but turned it down as it was the blue one I wanted. Had I known I was in for such a long wait I’d have snapped it up!
    It was a memorable day anyhow as I saw a real Gazelle takeoff up close and the sound from the Fenestron was incredible.
    Interesting about Toyway’s response about having ‘No Blue Thunder product’ – ties in nicely with the notion they never had the licence to produce one at all and any resemblance is purely coincidental lol. I’ve since found out during a Google search there was a backing card variation too – all blue.
    Anyway, thanks again for the info and do feel free to drop in on future posts!!

  3. Hello. I have a WINTECH Version from this helicopter. SkyBirds too. I think the same model and molds.
    Regards from Colombia

  4. I think I have one blue. but without the original box.
    super rare, what does it mean? how many buck?

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