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Welcome – you have arrived at what will hopefully become the definitive site for all things Blue Thunder.

My name is Martin and I am a UK-based sci-fi fan/collector with a particular passion for both the movie and television series but most of all, the aircraft itself.  The purpose of this blog is to exhaustively research the many incarnations of the prop from full-scale to R/C whilst celebrating its appearance in media and showcasing rare memorabilia and collectables.

I first saw Blue Thunder the motion picture on VHS at the age of 11 and I’ve been fascinated by it ever since.  Everything from the sharp dialogue, frenzied action and the shock of the helicopter’s demise against the mesmerising accompaniment of Arthur B. Rubenstein’s unique score made an indelible impression on me.  Later, with the short-lived TV series (The ‘B’ Team!) and subsequent appearances of the helicopter in other productions, I avidly followed its short on-screen career until its sudden disappearance/retirement.

But what was the fate of the helicopters themselves and indeed, how was its intimidating insect-like design conceived and executed?  Much of this information about the ‘flying greenhouse’ can be found in the documentaries on the Special Edition DVD but it barely seems to scratch the surface.

In recent years,  besides the definitive version of the movie on Blu-Ray and release of the TV series on DVD more info on the props has steadily emerged.  Thanks to websites like Blue Thunder Online and Greg Donner’s Blue Thunder – The Helicopter webpage maintaining fan interest, they may have revealed the end of the special helicopter, but were hardly the end of this story…

So please help me build this page to become the one-stop resource for all Thunder enthusiasts and feel free to contribute anything you may have with full credit to:


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20160611_141035-00120160611_14111920160611_14024920160611_14015220160611_140436JapThunderFrontJapThunderRearThis latest addition to the vault of THE SPECIAL represents the end of a 20+ year pursuit to secure this most rare of true vintage Blue Thunder collectables.

Kit No 500 would appear to be the Big Brother(!) of the mini kit from South Korea showcased on the site previously, where thanks to followers of the site we understand the number relates to price (Korean Won) rather than an indication of scale.

This boxed, complete example has survived remarkably well given its fragility with all parts and sticker sheet contained within a clear plastic envelope.  Presented in a bright, full colour box with instructions printed on the rear in Korean, the kit itself is inexplicably molded in dark green with a clear canopy and bizarre metallic silver sticker sheet.

At approx 7″ long, the main fuselage is well-detailed with accurate modifications and the interior exhibits remarkable detail for the scale.  As the sticker sheet is simplistic and somewhat inaccurate It would probably detract from the finish were it to be used but as an overall package, this far-east 80’s throwback is as good as it gets…

Catch you later..!

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