Made For 2016..!

‘THE SPECIAL’  belatedly welcomes you to 2016!!

During the site’s hiatus I have been busy compiling new material and scanning plenty of articles, images and photographing vintage pieces from the archive all to be presented here!  These will include;

* An all new image gallery featuring everything from press stills to vintage ads and review cuttings –

BT_Boxoffice BT_TV_Guide_Ad

* Pictorial reviews of the 1983 Monogram model kit and its variations, the Organic Die-Cast Model and the MultiToys Corp. Playset among others –


* A page devoted to the Casio AA-85 wristwatch prop, featuring pics and the original instruction manual –

AA-852(Image: Kung-Fusion)

* The long-promised Blue Thunder TV Series Companion will also make its debut this year

blue-thunder-tv (1)

But first, please read this fantastic new article by Senior Entertainment writer Mike Ryan for Upprox about just why Blue Thunder is – somewhat unnervingly – more relevant now than ever…

2 thoughts on “Made For 2016..!

  1. Got something you might want to add to the old Databanks 😉

    Mine turned up in the post today. Lights in the fantail and cockpit, bump n go action with rotating blades, and flight sounds with the obligatory annoyingly loud speaker. I’ve seen many plastic knock-off Airwolf toys in the past but this is the first Blue Thunder. Seems like they based it off the Matchbox diecast ‘Mission Helicopter’, judging by the tail and turret.

  2. Thanks for that Rob –

    Ah yes, the Matchbox Mission ‘Copter. I lost count how many variations there were of that (it may still be in production??) but I do have one in the collection. Always bothered me how the tail was shoved into the body. This newest version looks fun though – I never stop hoping that one day an all bells and whistles electronic BT toy will materialise…

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