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FM1FM2FM3FM4FM5-002It may/may not have been aerodynamically impossible, but in 1977, 20 year old wunderkind John Simone Jr. would pioneer a technique to fly his R/C Helicopters in an perfect 360° loop to win a national competition.

As that same stunt had been written into the closing scenes of an upcoming film from Columbia Pictures about an experimental full-size helicopter, the producers of Blue Thunder lucked out with both manufacturer and ‘pilot’ by commissioning American RC Helicopters Inc. to produce no less than 6 models of The Special itself in various scales plus its Hughes 500 and F-16 adversaries, respectively.

A detailed account of John Jr’s rise to fame in the Movie Business could be found in the October 1983 issue of Us Publication Flying Models, (above – click to enlarge) where its revealed the complexities of recreating scale models indistinguishable from the ‘real’ thing are second only to performing airborne stunts with little or no margin for error.

With a swelling reputation and a list of Hollywood blockbusters on their resume, (including Eastwood’s Firefox – a movie with more than one BT connection) American RC forged ahead with capitalizing on their success by offering kits of their greatest performers – firstly the ‘Supermantis’ (used as a rehearsal stand-in for the Blue Thunder stunts) and then, amazingly, The Special itself, struck from the original molds.  Although these were advertised (bottom pic) tragedy struck before they could be mass-produced when the American facility was destroyed by a crashing light aircraft.

Though his father’s company wouldn’t survive the devastation (closing in 1985) John Jr. is still active and still performing the stunt in shows that gained him such recognition back in the day…

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  1. Hello, This is jJohn Simone, the designer and builder of the RC Blue Thunder, nice piece!

    • Hi John. Not sure if you’ll ever see this, but how have you been? Do you still design and fly RC helicopters? I am a scale RC helicopter pilot and really admire your work. 🙂

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