Pre-Modification (Image: Bayard Lawes)

(Info below originally compiled by Stipe Zivaljic)


SA.341G, S/N 1066, Production Year 1973

Temporarily registered F-WKQD to SNIAS
1974 – July 31 – Registered N57936 to Vought Helicopter Co.
1974 – October 2 – Registered N37LR to L.T. Ruth Coal Co.
1974 –  October 10 – Sold to Kentucky Gem Coal Co. Inc.
1976 –  November 19 – Purchased to Continental Flying Service, Inc.
1976 –  December 17 – Registered same registration to Continental Flying Service, Inc.
1976 –  December 20 – Purchased to L.T. Ruth Coal Co.
1976 –  October ? – Registered N37LR reserved
1977 –  January 11 – Registered N37LR to L.T. Ruth Coal Co.
1981 – August 19 – Purchased to Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.
1983 –  November 28 – Allocated experimental and registered N51BT to Columbia Pictures, Inc.
1984 –  October 25 – Purchased to Mr. Michael E. Grube
1994 – June 23 – W/o dismantled for parts


Helicopter purchased by Columbia Pictures in 1981 for approx. $190,000

During 1981, modified as per movie requirements on 1,704.7 total hours in conjunction with R.W. Martin, Inc. (Cinema Air); b) Used as modification for film & TV Series “Blue Thunder” and “Amerika, 1997” TV mini-series (pilot: Jim Gavin)

“Blue Thunder” modifications designed/fabricated by Mickey Michaels, Philip Harrison, Bill Yoak.

The ‘02’ on the engine pods was an addition by Bill Yoak to honour the fallen second prototype Apache helicopter.

(Images: Gary Mason)

Distinguishing features;

* Referred to as the ‘Stunt Mule’ during production

* Partial mockup interior (Main instrument panel unchanged)

* No flapped ‘Barrel’ fittings atop camera pods

* Mockup cannon constructed from broomstick handles

Blue Thunder 6 (2)-001Blue Thunder 5-003Blue Thunder 6 (1)-001Images: Tom Anderson

“I took these in July of 1985 at the EAA Flyin in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  They were on a national tour of airshows after the movie was released…”



 Image: Norm Hughes

Last known photographs of The Secondary (In its TV show configuration) for sale (sign in window declares ‘flyable’ and $105,000) at a Michigan Airshow.