Both airworthy helicopters slightly modified for use on the Blue Thunder TV series and more substantially for appearances in later productions before their retirement –

BLUE THUNDER (Columbia Pictures Television, 1984)

Exterior Alterations –

* Addition of emergency yellow ‘rescue’ signs above both door handles.

Interior Alterations –

* New Observer’s station – smaller TV and sensor panel in place of large monitor array.

* New collective control with ‘Turbine Boost’ switch added.


Cockpit would be subject to change in the context of the stories throughout the season. Many scenes feature three people sat inside when it can only accommodate two. The episode ‘The Island’ supposedly had the ‘dual controls’ reinserted for a co-pilot.


MacGyver (Paramount Television 1985)

Exterior Alterations –

* All prior decals/signage removed

* Repainted Gloss black

* Camera pods replaced with flat mounts

* Engine Intakes feature red trim and “51” in place of “02” In yellow

Interior Alterations –



It is unknown if this ship was the Primary or the Backup.


AMERIKA 1997 (ABC, 1987)

Exterior Alterations –

* Matt black paintjob, no decals present

* Missile mounts in place of camera pods

* Shorter front-mounted gatlling guns


Both hero and backup choppers were adapted for use in this mini-series, their final screen appearance before being sold on and eventually broken down for parts/scrapped.

The pics below were shot prior to the full conversion of the ‘Hero’ Helicopter – showing the chopper painted black but with the camera pods still intact –

“Blue Thunder was at Palomar at ‘Dick Martin’s Marginal Airmotive’ run by Dick Martin…”

(Images: The Raven)



From David S. –

“There was also a use of the Amerika tricked out versions of the Special in a WANG Computing commercial at the time…”

DR WHO (BBC Television 2005)

Stock footage of the helicopter appears as ‘Bad Wolf One’ in the episode ‘DALEK’



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