1:1 Scale dummy helicopter at railroad location ready for filming penultimate scene.

1:1 Scale Double

Stunt Mockup Notes;

Special effects double built from PVC, Styrofoam and Aluminium to the exact configuration of the ‘real’ helicopter.  Explosives on board detonated by remote control.

Distinguishing Features:

*No instrumentation in cockpit

*Registration Plate N77GH attached to Starboard side camera pod (In error?)


Canopy_MockupMockup cockpit mounted on platform against LA skies during filming (Image: Scott Yoak)


1:1 Static Closeup Model 

Cockpit Mockup Notes;

1:1 dummy cockpit for closeup/Special Effects shots built for insurance purposes (so valuable actors spent less time in the air). Mounted on a gimble and used for the same purpose in Blue Thunder TV Series and footage for the Action Max video game;

IMG_20140419_052927Also loaned to Warner Brothers for a scene in Clint Eastwood’s Firefox; (note black electrical tape over canopy frame)

Firefox 1982 BRRip XviD AC3 - KINGDOM_6556295Longest-surviving full-scale version of the helicopter was lent by Sony/Columbia to Disney MGM Studios for the ‘Boneyard’ section of their famous Backlot Tour ( see the post and a 360° view here).

IMG_20140419_124910Prop was moved to several locations on the tour as more were added.  Earliest image to date on the tour shows signage, sound paintwork rotor blades and both camera pods still intact. (Image: Travelling Around)

MGM_BT_BacklotIn later years the sign was dropped for a crudely stencilled label along the nose – the doors were also left open during all weathers, exposing the inside to the elements. (Image: Rogerio Machado)

BT_Early_BacklotBy the mid 90’s the doors were closed but by then the canopy glass was collapsing allowing the rain to further deplete the interior.

(Images: Stephen Heathcote)


Polaroid taken on the tour clearly showing the ‘Rescue’ sign added for the series and the exposed fibreglass of the broken arm holding the port camera box. (Image: Joshua Smith)


A final change of location (sat next to the similarly withered Gee Bee aeroplane from The Rockeeter) and the centre panel of the canopy along with the starboard camera pod collpased.  By 2009 the prop had degraded so badly Disney offered to return it to the studio.  Despite attempts to salvage it Sony Pictures ordered it to be scrapped.

Distinguishing Features; 

* Front portion of the Helicopter only (no engine or tail)

* Approx half-length rotor blades

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